Explore a wide assortment of health care massage products such as Massage Chair, Professional Massage Chairs etc, to get relief from headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, or sleeping problems.
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Helping everyone in their health & wellbeing since 2006

Spinegem is a professional Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Supplier & Exporter of health care massage products from India. We provide an array of products encompassing Massage Bed, Jade Massage Bed, Massage Chair, Professional Massage Chairs, Leg Foot Massager, Low frequency Therapy Instrument, Neck & Shoulder Cervical Belt, 9 Ball Jade LCD Massager Vibrator, Ceregem Master V3 Massage Bed, Photon Therapy Knee Pad. These equipment are widely used in spas, health clubs, corporate offices, hospitals, airports and for personal use owing to their optimal results. We import all the mentioned products from international markets. We further sell and ship the equipment all across the globe.

The light weight car massager are most popular type of massaging equipment made from high quality PU Leather and that helps in stimulating one's back muscles with gentle vibration to blandly soothe away stress. Our offered massager comes with six massage modes and an adjustable massage intensity. The Jade Stone Heating Therapy Mats are very helpful in reducing Cholesterol from the body, and relives one from all kinds of swelling, leg & back pains. The portable and simple to use low frequency therapy instrument- infrared pulse wave foot massager, when used, relaxes one's ankles & foot; and also stimulates the acupoints of one's foot. This helps in exercising one's muscles, improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism, beautifying the skin and reducing muscle fatigues.

The massaging products rather relaxing the complete body & soul, it relieves one from many disorders like anxiety, arthritis, back or neck pain, headache, insomnia, high blood pressure, and chronic pain to name a few. Also, it helps in reducing muscle tension, increasing joint flexibility, and improving circulation.

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We make a difference by:

  • Putting our clients' needs first
  • Believing our core staff is critical to our success
  • Committing to professionalism
  • Doing Business with fairness & integrity

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